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Awesome game!

Very beautiful game and experience! Love the art!


I loved this game, even though it was short it had a great story and message. There's a lot of illnesses that aren't focused on and are left in the darkness, but this game shined light on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which before this game I had no idea existed. I hope games with messages like this one, keep getting made.

I made a video on the game, I hope I did justice for the game, if you'd like you can check it out here:

Thank you for making this game I really enjoyed it

Hey! :) I really connected with this game, and I'm sure that was the creator's idea. A short but really, an amazing experience. If you would like to see what this game is about or would just like to see a chilled let's play of this game; then please watch this video below. :)


Gameplay Robin

A serious game and a serious topic. I had to check it out. Here's a review.

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You did a beautiful job at creating awareness for such an invisible disease. Thanks for this game!

This is such a nice game ;v;

Is there a way to tip you guys or something?


You've truly captured the power of games as a medium with which to experience life from a different perspective.

Thank you all for the powerful experience, and for introducing me to Spoon Theory. Good luck in all your future projects.

Nice experience, Mac version is appreciated! ^^

Thank you, thank you guys so much for the Mac build :)


As soon as I saw the description of this game I downloaded it! Finally something to show what it's like to have chronic fatigue! I have Fibromyalgia, a cousin of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I have had to deal with constant fatigue for 5 years now. Over the course of those 5 years people haven't been taking me seriously, sometimes not even my doctor, and I have been called lazy and an attention seeker. People have told it's all in my head or that I just need to sleep it off. Unfortunately that's not how chronic fatigue works. Hence the word 'chronic'.

I just want to say thank you for making this game! I hope a lot of people around the world will see and play this game and understand what it's like to always be tired. And maybe others will find recognition in this game.

I made a video of this game and talked about life with chronic fatigue in it.


I am in love with this little game but not in the way you might think. I gave up on doctors, they just throw antidepressants at you and expect it to pass, I gave up trying to succeed or doing everything I NEEDED to do that day and I started thinking I couldn't live with not being perfect. All this passed and I've learnt that if it's not done today it's okay, as long as you eat and remind yourself there are things to be done, a mental note if you will, you'll know you can succeed in work, life and love.

This little game shows the pain of not feeling like you're achieving your true potential, even though you physically can't and laying in bed at night not having any more energy but your brain still reminds you how shit you are.

My playthrough:

Looks so so so good! Can't wait for that Mac build!

Here it is! :D

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Can you please please please release it for Mac? I personally think this game looks really cool, so please release it for mac.

Indeed it will be available for Mac very soon :)

Can you put this on windows please?

The current build is on Windows. :)

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The hidden value of the game may be in all the unrepresented implications. What's the accumulated cost of not working? Not speaking to friends or making new ones? Not consuming creative works as a creator or developing individual? To say nothing of the secondary upkeeps and what else they could be standing in for..

The energy setup is brutally effective. The end-of-day review is crucial.

Love the color, art style, and compositions.


Oh lordie me, washing dishes every day? What extravagance is this? I keep them in the mostly empty fridge and use them over a week or two. Next level CFS strats.

But otherwise thanks for a lovely illustration of what it's like. Maybe my jackass "yer lazy!" family will understand a little better after I stick them in a chair and get them to play it.

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Oh god I thought I was the only one doing that to combat eczema LOL

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